Protect Your Home From Contaminated Water

Invest in a backflow prevention device for your plumbing in San Jose or Santa Clara, CA

If contaminated and dirty water is coming out of your pipes, you're probably dealing with a backflow problem. If you want to prevent potable and non-potable water lines from cross-connecting and causing backflow, get prevention solutions from Shark Plumbing Services. We offer top-quality backflow prevention services in San Jose and Santa Clara, CA.

What can we install to prevent backflow?

When you call us for backflow prevention services, we'll take a close look at your system and determine what the best prevention device would be for you. We can install a variety of different backflow prevention devices, including:

  • Dishwasher air gaps
  • Hose bib vacuum breakers
  • Atmospheric vacuum breakers
  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Double check valves
  • Reduced pressure zone devices

Keep your water running clean and clear. Contact us today to schedule backflow prevention services for your home.

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